Off-plan Properties: Smart Real Estate Investment for Investors in Nigeria

Today, the whole world is witnessing shifts in economy with inflation taking the lead. Developing countries like Nigeria, Congo, Republic of Benin etc., are not left out as the instability in their economies deepens. For instance, we are all witness to the recent fall of Naira and how investors lost monies in stock. Even, the recent government policy against cryptocurrency trading did impact negatively on investors and we can learn one or two things from the trend in the Nigeria economy. One starts to wonder about what to expect in the next few years! What does the future hold for the people/investors in these developing countries?

This is where investing in real estate and by extension, off-plan properties come to the point to be taken seriously as it is not only a safe haven for investors (without being affected by inflation) but also a flexible means of acquiring assets that can generate substantial cashflow.


How Valuable is Real Estate to Your Investment Portfolio?

Many studies have found that real estate holds advantages over other investments (Kenneth D. Rosen 2017). Most studies of real estate returns indicate a perceived belief by investors that real estate is a relatively safe investment (Paul Goebel & Kee Kim 1989)

Real estate is the most stable investment of all time. Recent study by Maryam Heidari and Setareh Rafatirad 2020 indicate that the real estate market brings about one of the significant business domains for investors and a wise investment in real estate is more important for low-income.

What is Off Plan Property?

Off plan property can be described as the type of property that are available or presented to investors for sale before its full construction. Investors are meant to make certain commitment in form of down payment of some percentage of the actual cost of the house and then spread the balance over a period of time. Depending on your style of investment i.e., whether to buy and let out or for sale, off-plan properties are income generating properties. Generally, the target of most real estate investors is to increase their net worth, strengthen their income and achieve financial independence that will eventually lead to ever increasing substantial cashflow.

Taking advantage of Off-Plan Properties

Many Nigerians are hardworking people and only a few percentages of the people achieve financial freedom by the time they retire (and this few percentage have also been badly affected by the inability of the government and non-governmental organizations to pay their pensions promptly). Hence it is very imperative to look at investing in properties that enable flexible investment options and at the same time can generate excellent cashflow overtime.

Many a time, people complain that they do not have money to invest in properties especially houses but this is a big misconception, as there are numerous options of investments with flexible payment options.

The problem is most people want to start big or they want already finished house or location which they cannot afford at the time, so they start to give excuses of not having enough money to fund their investment while time passes by, forgetting that “time is the essence in investment”.

There is need for investors (both low income and high-income earners) to be strategic in their investment plan. Taking advantage of off-plan properties is the smartest investment decision for all real estate investors.

Why You Should Invest in Off Plan Properties?

  • You Get at a Significantly Lower Price Below Average:

You will be able to purchase an off-plan property of standard in a prime location You will be able to purchase an off-plan property at a below-market rate which will be fixed as house prices around it continues to grow. This is particularly of high value in cities like Lagos, and Abuja where property values are increasing rapidly.


  • You Can Tweak the Design of Your Unit as desired:
    Off-plan houses are usually delivered either as finished or semi-finished. Any investor that opts for semi-finished house has the advantage of designing the property as desired. This should be the number one point, shouldn’t it? One of the advantages of investing in the off-plan is not just about personalizing your design, you also get it at the lowest price. You can have it “as you like it”. Let’s say the initial apartment comes with one store, but you want two stores, you can communicate with the company about your desired results. Only an off-plan sale affords you that luxury! Being a part of the building process is simply fantastic.


  • You Can Grow Your Capital:
    With off-plan sale comes a flexible payment plan. You can start with an initial deposit. The Off-plan properties provide great way to grow your capital, as an investment that you have to put your funds in from time. It’s okay if you do not want to pay all at once. Just commit to it as one of your monthly investment plans and get funds in bulk and a large return on investment in no time by selling upon completion. Now, think about it, imagine investing your money in trusts or other investment options available to everyone. You will get returns, but none can be compared to this because getting your returns is assured.
    At the moment, finished properties in the same location as the off-plan houses have been selling at 100% or 200% higher than the off-plan current selling price.


Are You Bothered About the Outcome of Off-plan Property?

Never mind! You can view the 3D designs and the proposed buildings. You can also experience the awesomeness of your desired off-plan property in an immersive virtual tour.

Now there is no excuse for not taking advantage of this opportunity to get so much value out of your investment.


Why Buy Off-Plan with our partners?
Remember that when investing in off-plan properties, trust is the keyword. Buying property off-plan, as a home or investment can been very daunting in terms of choosing reputable companies or developers. This is why Jozoal Real Estate consulting only deals or partner with companies and developers that have excellent track records in terms of good reputation and quality project completion.

For off-plan properties, we have carefully selected only partners in three of the Major cities in Nigeria: Lagos, Abuja and Ibadan. This is because of the waves of development and growing population that is evolving in these cities. In the next twenty years, there is zero likeness for the value of properties to fall before construction is completed!

You can also be rest assured because our partners are very equal to the tasks in delivering excellent projects, there have never been a case of going out of business before construction is completed (otherwise, you get a full refund)!

Don’t wait to invest, as every minute counts. Start growing your capital today!









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